"Less than 8% of sites on the National Register are associated with women, Latinos, African Americans or other minorities."

Sara Bronin, Op-Ed: How to fix a National Register of Historic Places that reflects mostly white history, LA Times, 15 Dec 2020.


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To highlight culturally remarkable US buildings + sites deemed unlandmarkable by their Landmarks Preservation Commissions, due to lack of "architectural integrity".

Presenting the unLandmarkables(TM), a Beyond Integrity in X(TM) database!

This historic preservation tool is a response to a trend across the country of preservation professionals placing more value on the architectural integrity of a place over the cultural significance. These professionals include:

  • the keepers of the National Register of Historic Places,

  • Landmarks Preservation Commissions/Boards, and

  • authors of landmark nomination forms

Historically, professionals outside of the NRHP, have been following the leadership of this national institution. "A survey published in 2018 suggests that 86% of local historic preservation laws in a representative sample relied on the National Register designation standards" (Bronin, Sara C. "Integrity as a Legal Concept," https://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=3776001, site visited 15Feb2021.). These standards have relied heavily on architectural integrity, less so on cultural significance.

The goal is to track the landmark journey of these sites and to serve as a place of cross-pollinating techniques to change the landmarking fate of these properties and future sites with similar traits, that would define them as "unLandmarkable."

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