Did Beyond Integrity in X vet the unLandmarkables Database entries?

Some, but not all. Beyond Integrity in X is volunteer-run. For efficiency of our time, the questions in the Google Form, such as an Internet presence, serve as a basis of design for the Users' vetting process. The Database is a starting point for collaboration and potential work. Therefore, the onus is on the Users of the Database to vet the listings with the information provided.

Beyond Integrity in X reserves the right to remove or edit database entries.

May I publish, duplicate, and distribute the "unLandmarkables Database" for free or for-profit commercial use?

No, please see the Terms of Use for this website.

However, you may cite the Database, here's how - thanks to Prof. P. Gabrielle Foreman for this example (@profgabrielle on Twitter):

K. Kennedy Whiters, “unLandmarkables,Beyond Integrity in X, Date Site Visited, Time, https://beyondintegrityinx.com.

You are welcome to share, teach, and cite the Directory in excerpts or in its entirety, but do cite it - this is an act of race and gender equity. This applies to the website as well as to social media posts about it. Please let us know if you teach it or cite it so that we can track the unLandmarkable Database's utility and impact (@beyondintegrityinx; pinned tweet or email us!).

Thanks to Prof. Jessica Marie Johnson for the example and language of citation ethics that we are using here: Jessica Marie Johnson, "How to Cite - #WickedFlesh," 2Feb2021, 9:41pm, http://dh.jmjafrx.com/citation/

Will the unLandmarkable Database listings appear on Beyond Integrity in X's Social Media?

Yes, occasionally, Beyond Integrity in X will feature a Database listing on social media.